You've seen these awesome LCT generators at the track by now. There are no other generators that comes close as far as overall value. We're currently carrying three different models of generator, so if you need a mini model, or one to power your RV's every amenity, we've got you covered. Please use the CONTACT link to ask any questions you might have, or to check stock before purchasing.

Please note that while it is possible to ship the generators, we'd really much rather meet you at the track or here in Pelion if you're close by, and deliver them in person. It saves you lots of cash on the shipping , and it saves me from trucking generators around town.

First up is our little 2-stroke 1000W model that's super easy to carry around, and does a great job with (1) set of warmers. This can be carried in one hand, will fit just about anywhere, and won't break the bank.

Next up we have the generator that put LCT on the track map, the LCT isn't actually on a track map, I mean that...never mind. This generator can be easily moved around by yourself, has (4) outlets, 3500W surge capacity, 10+ hour run time, and best of all, it's QUIET! Check out the picture at the top of the page...that's the one.

The only way to get a generator that is quieter than this one is to drop the big coin on the enclosed inverter types...and by big coin, I mean $1000 for a 2000W Honda, with 25% lower capacity and 3x the cost! I don't have a spec sheet at the moment, but it's pretty standard, apart from the extra heavy-duty surge capacity and the quiet operation. This generator will easily run (2) sets of warmers at the same time, or an a/c unit in your trailer plus a set of problem.

If you want to know how people like this generator, walk around a WERA SE paddock. It should take you all of about 4 minutes to find one. When you do, ask the owners how they like it.

When you're done getting your ear talked off about how awesome the generator is, come back here and order one up...

Finally, we've got the Big Hoss 6500W model. This generator is not as quiet as the 2600, but it's reasonable. Of course, it will power a small subdivision, so share it with a pit mate and minimize the noise by running one generator instead of 3! I've had a few customers upgrade from the 2600 to this bad boy after they moved to an RV or toy hauler trailer from a smaller rig, and it's been a hit with those folks.

This generator will run all day on a tank, starts on the first pull pretty much every time, gives you 7500W surge capability (really) and is the least expensive Heavy Duty, quality generator available anywhere. If you want one of these, let's arrange to meet up, because trust me, you don't want to pay UPS to ship it. That said, 2 guys can easily move it around stress-free.

Size Price
LCT1000 $200
LCT2600 $350
LCT6500 $575